About Cashless Executive Health Check-up

Your first step towards a healthy lifestyle.

Inspired by Mr Shiv Nadar’s vision of making HCL- the Healthiest Workplace,’ HCL Healthcare has designed a host of Health Programs to make every HCLite- a healthy HCLite. HCL Healthcare presents Cashless Executive Health Check-up, because we care for you and your family member's well-being. Dedicated to ensure your good health, the Cashless Executive Health Check-up is designed in such a way that you get the best of medical guidance and services, all under one roof.

Embark on a journey with us to make HCL the healthiest work place, in four easy steps.

Go online or visit on-site camps

Get approval from insurance companies & relevant authorities in 3-4 days

Lab & Diagnostics
Schedule tests on call

Doctor Consultation
Book your appointment on call

Platinum Health Check-up

We have created a world class health check-up programme to ensure that the leadership team not only gives but also receives the best. Keeping your tight schedules and deadlines in mind, we have made sure this program is efficient and becomes the differentiator in your healthcare needs.

For Individual needs

Tests & Diagnostics

Care by Experts

Customer Experience Centric


Managed Care Plan

Annual health checks alone will not lead to improvement in Health Index & reduction of health risk at an individual and organizational level. A sustained effort is needed to engage & ensure right behavior modification to deliver positive health outcomes. The Care available to employees and family members plans are designed to address this specific need.

Managed care plans are an integrated Chronic Condition management programmes that combine expertise of medical experts, medicine, lifestyle modification; diet & physical exercises for mitigating health risks from chronic conditions. These programmes are anchored by Personal Health Coaches; who provide the required nudges to drive compliance to the programme.

Assessment & goal setting

Program Induction

Monitoring & Intervention

Ongoing Engagement

Periodic reviews

Employee Testimonials

HCLs Corporate Health Centre has totally changed my outlook towards my personal health and wellbeing. Now, no more of “ I don’t have time” excuses. Thanks team

- Vaibhav Agarwal

Deputy Manager Administration

Emp ID: 40200

Access to high quality health care facilities by HCL Healthcare is really a saviour and morale booster. Expert doctors, friendly staff and best in class equipment! All inside in the office campus at your convenience

- Ruchi Nair

Group Manager HR

Emp ID: 51456434

A health centre right in my campus is so convenient, HCL Tech takes care of me not just professionally but personally too.  All health facilities under one roof! Where else can I get?

- Alok Sharma

Senior Executive Administration

Emp ID: 51394390

Having a Corporate Health Centre right in my campus has completely changed my view towards my personal health. There are no more excuses for me and I am always on top of my health

- Jitender Verma

Software Consultant

Emp ID: 51322217