Preventive Health Check

Inspired with a thought of making HCL- the Healthiest Workplace,’ HCL Healthcare has designed a host of Health Programs to make every HCLite- a healthy HCLite. HCL Healthcare presents Cashless Preventive Health Check-up, because we care for you and your family member's well-being. Dedicated to ensure your good health, the Cashless Preventive Health Check-up is designed in such a way that you get the best of medical guidance and services, all under one roof.

Following is the USP of the Preventive Health Check Program for Corporates:

What are the locations of HCL Healthcare Health Centres?

Noida: 1st Floor, Cafe II, SEZ, Sec 126 & Ground Floor

Chennai 1st Floor, Tower 3, SEZ Elcot, Sholinganallur

Bangalore Lower Ground Floor, Tower-4, SEZ, Jigani.

Madurai Ground Floor, Tower - 3 ELCOT IT Park, near Pandi Kovil

Lucknow 1st Floor, SDC-02, SEZ Unit-I, Sultanpur Road, Mastemau

Satellite Centres At locations like Hyderabad, Pune etc. temporary satellite camps are set up annually to provide the employees and family members with the health benefits.

USP of Health Check Program

Round the year coverage
Doctor Consultation based
State of the art facility

Annual Preventive Health Checks

What is an Annual Preventive Health Check?

  • These are Customized blood Test, Diagnostic tests, followed by Doctor Consultation to ascertain the health risks and mitigation thereof
  • There are 4 Types of Health Check Panels for employees & family members
    • Package 1 (EHC < 40 Yrs – Employee & Family) - Below 40 years package for employees and family members
    • Package 2 (EHC > 40 Yrs – Employee) - Above 40 years package for employees
    • Package 3 (EHC > 40 Yrs – Family) - Above 40 Years package for family members
    • Package 4 (Platinum Package) - for employees above the grade of E 5.1 and their family members

Who Pays for the Health Check?

  • Health Checks for employees covered under medical insurance policy are paid by the insurance company
  • In case of Platinum Health check a part of the cost is borne by insurance & balance by company ( HCLT or Other Entity )
  • Family health checks shall be funded by company ( HCLT or Other Entity to which employee belongs to).
  • All family health checks and employee health checks ( Not covered under GHMI) will be considered as perquisite and tax shall be applicable as per applicable tax slab of the employee.
  • These benefits will be cashless, that means employee will not have to pay from his pocket while availing the health check & this cashless benefit can only be availed through HCL Healthcare only

Health Benefit Eligibility – For HCLT and
Other HCL Group companies

Who is eligible and what are the exclusions?

All HCLT employees & their families excluding the family of BServ employees grade below E 4.1 of prime locations that includes Noida, Bangalore and Chennai

However, those BServ employees who are covered under group insurance policy are entitled for this Cashless health check.

Employees of other Group companies of HCL & their family members are also entitled for health checks only if they are declared under group health medical insurance policy (GHMI).

BServ ESI employees of all prime locations ( Noida, Bangalore, Chennai) are not entitled for cashless health check benefit, however, at New Vista Locations like Madurai, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur, Vijayawada etc, all BServ ESI employees are also eligible for health check benefits with their family members

What is the definition of family?

All the family members that includes Spouse, Parents, In Laws, Siblings (Brother & Sister below 25 Years) and employee children b/w 18-25 Years of the HCL T employees are also eligible for this health check.

All relationships will need to be supported with relevant documentary evidences

You can declare your family members by calling HCL Healthcare helpline 1800-103-7070 or while booking appointments for. Please note this declaration will be applicable only for Health Benefit and will not impact your dependent declaration in ESS portal or health insurance

For other group companies of HCL – Members declared in GHMI will be considered as family for availing these benefits

Process of Availing Health Check-up

Embark on a journey with us to make HCL the healthiest work place, in four easy steps.

Step 02 - Approval

It takes 2-3 days to get approval from insurance company

Step 03 - Lab & Diagnostics

Schedule tests on call

Step 04 - Doctor Consultation

Book your appointment on call

Tax Implication of Health Benefits

"Health Benefits provided by the HCL Technologies to its employees & family members are subject to tax deductions as salary perquisites under applicable Income Tax regulations. These deductions will reflect in salary slip as health benefits. These tax deductions will vary based on the employee salary and applicable tax slabs. For any further details employee can reach out to relevant HR partner”

Phase I- Registration & Appointment

Phase II- Health Centre Visit for lab tests & diagnostics or Home Sample Collection

You along with your family members will need to visit the HCL Healthcare health centre on the appointed day and time. It is advised that you report 15 mins ahead of your appointment time. Please budget 1.5 Hrs of time on a weekday and 2.5 Hr of time on a weekend for the entire process to get over.

On this day you will under go Lab test & Diagnostics (ECG, X RAY, Eye Check Up, Ultra Sound) as applicable.

What documents do I need to carry for the Health check-up?
  • Your employee Id & Govt ID card.
  • Relationship proofs
  • Additionally, please refer to the Dos and Don’ts section and read it thoroughly.

After you have completed the formalities for the day, be sure to take an appointment for Doctor consultation for yourself and family members.

Phase III- Doctor Consultation - In Clinic or Virtual

This is a very important step in your health check as this will help you understand your health status and what you need to do to become healthier. We recommend you along with your family members visit the HCL Healthcare health centre 15 mins before on the appointed day and time.

For employees and family members below the age of 40 years there will General Physician and Dental consultations and for those above 40 years of age there will be diagnostics test of TMT or ECHO Cardiogram as applicable in addition

Product Type Doctors Expected Time
Below 40 Years Employees and Family member General Physician, Dentist 45-60 Mins
Above 40 Years Employees – Male Internal Medicine, Dentist 60-75 mins
Above 40 Years Employees – Female Internal Medicine, Gynecologist, Dentist 60-75 mins
Above 40 Years Family Members Internal Medicine, Gynecologist(In case of female), Dietician, Dentist 90-105 mins

Package Details

Platinum Health Check-up

Frequently Asked Questions

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