Dental Services


  • 1. Bride - Groom Smile Makeover Package

    To improve your looks, self-confidence & healthy oral hygiene, making you ‘PICTURE READY

    Package includes:
    Scaling + Bleaching + Smile Correction (with composites) + Smile Stud ONLY @ Rs 9,999
  • 2. Radiant Smile

    Stained or discolored teeth can hinder your smile. Scaling and teeth whitening brightens Up your teeth and improves oral hygiene.

    Bleaching and Scaling at a discounted price of only @ Rs 6,999 (Single Visit)
  • 3. Night Grinder Package

    Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, is a condition in which an individual clenches or Grinds their teeth, usually due to stress. The effects can be uncomfortable, including Jaw pain, tooth damage, and headaches.

    Inclusive of - 1 Night Guard + 2 Fluoride Applications + 1 Scaling + Free X-ray only @ Rs 6,999

Avail cashless Dental benefits of Rs. 5K (< 40 years) or 10K ( > 40 years) for you or your spouse at HCL Healthcare Clinic

Hcl Healthcare has been delivering cashless dental services through insurance for most of the dental procedures (except cosmetic procedures). This cashless facility can be availed by the employee and his family.


Dental Screenings


Dental Procedures Done


Specialized Procedures Done


Dental Implants Done

Our Team

We have a team of highly experienced dentists at multiple locations PAN India.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Dr Amrit Singh- BDS, MDS, MBA- AGM Dental (Endodontist and Implantologist)

Dr Poonam Dutt- BDS, MDS (Periodontics)

Dr SK Singh- BDS, MDS (Oral Surgery)

Dr Venuka-BDS

Dr Shilpi-BDS


Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Dr Sweena Seth- BDS

Dr Pankaj Dayal Dwivedi- BDS,MDS (Oral Surgeon and Implantologist) Bangalore-

Dr Jewel Prakash- BDS, MDS (Endodontist)

Dr Jeevitha- BDS

Dr Sridhar P-BDS

Dr Deepa Pande- BDS,MDS (Oral Surgeon)


Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Dr Priyanka- BDS

Dr AV Dharmesh Raja- BDS, MDS (oral surgeon and Implantologist)


Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Dr Praveen Perumal- BDS, MDS (Prosthodontist and Implantologist)

Dr Yamini- BDS

Dr Pooja-BDS

Dr Ashok Prasanna-BDS, MDS(Oral surgeon)

Scope of Services

We offer a comprehensive range of Dental Care services by distinctly experienced Dentists and adherence to the highest standards in clinic safety and hygiene.

Dental Screening

Digital Intra Oral X-Rays



Tooth colored Restorations



Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

Porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges

Root canal treatment

Third Molar surgeries



Smile Designing



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What all is Covered in Dental insurance?

    Our medical insurance policy allows us an entitlement of ₹5,000/- for below 40 years and ₹10,000 for above 40 years employees for one policy year. This coverage is for HCL employees- covered under Vidal, their spouse and their children)

  • The health-checks includes oral examination and if any treatment is required HCL Healthcare provides cashless dental treatment across its health centres. One can also avail dental procedures at our HCL Healthcare facilities at privileged prices. (T&C apply)

  • Dental x-rays and aesthetics procedures are not part of dental services under Dental Insurance Policy

  • Please refer dental service offering section to about our dental services.

  • You need to first have the valid dental prescription or you may first opt to go for dental examination by our dentists. As per the treatment advise given by dentist, our dental team will process your request to insurance company for approval. This approval exercise takes 2-3 days time. Once approval is received you can opt for cashless treatment for dental ailment upto the approval limit as mentioned in your approval letter received from insurance company.

  • Yes you can. However, HCL Healthcare has no role to play in your reimbursement and that will be strictly between the customer & insurance company.

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